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Please do NOT walk into our lobby. We are still operating on a COVID-hybrid protocol. When you arrive, please call us at ☎ (610) 692-6272 so our staff can check you in.

VOSRC Cares for Your Pet in Every Way

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Our mission is to provide cancer therapy based on science, with compassion. Our goal is always to improve quality of life.

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At VOSRC, we recognize the importance of our patients not only as pets, but also as family members. We know the serious nature of cancer and recognize the challenges our patients face—and the challenges facing our clients. We are truly here to help! Our focus is always on improving quality of life through the application of the most effective cancer therapies. We focus first on treating the underlying disease; that way, the pain and discomfort can be alleviated. We recognize the important role of supportive care while taking care of the patient with pain control, nutrition, and other quality of life issues. When an owner opts not to treat or to stop therapy, we offer hospice care to keep your loved one as comfortable as possible.

A Caring Team Here for You

Our knowledgeable staff strives to make each day as happy and comfortable as possible for each animal, constantly keeping in mind the dignity and worth of all creatures. When the time comes for the loss of your loved one, the VOSRC staff will be there to support and comfort you. We all have extensive experience in dealing with pet loss and aim to make that aspect a very important part of our services for you and your family.

A Patient-Focused Facility

Our facility is designed to accommodate both owners and their pets in a comforting, non-hospital environment. This is the starting point for ensuring that your pet receives the best attention. We strive to make you both feel you are being treated with care and respect. Our technical and front office staff is dedicated to the needs of our owners and patients. Many have been with us since the opening of VOSRC. The technicians are highly experienced and act as a direct extension of the veterinarians. They are trained to communicate with both referring veterinarians and owners about their questions and concerns. Their expertise includes extensive knowledge of the drugs and protocols used at VOSRC. At appointments, all clients first meet with the veterinarian on duty and then are transferred to a technician for treatment and care.

Patients entered on treatment protocols will usually be seen weekly, biweekly, or every three weeks. Appointments are available Monday through Friday.

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Lifelong Relationships

One important philosophy at VOSRC is that our patients do not “go away” at the completion of their treatment. Our patients stay enrolled in VOSRC throughout their lives as we believe that early detection of recurrence or relapse is critical in improving long-term remissions and survival times. Many cancers can be retreated, contrary to popular belief. In dogs, it is not uncommon to develop multiple different cancers in a lifetime, another reason for the importance of long-term follow-up and monitoring.

Frequency of visits is dependent on tumor type. Local and referring veterinarians are actively engaged in this process and can share in the recheck appointments. There is communication with referring veterinarians throughout an animal’s tenure at VOSRC. Owners receive a case summary at the conclusion of their initial consultation, which also is faxed the same day to the referring veterinarian. A referral letter follows that client summary. A copy of discharge instructions with clinical updates are given to the owner and faxed to the local veterinarian after each visit.

Interestingly, today we see more of our patients as cancer survivors who ultimately succumb to unrelated causes."Lost-to-follow-up" is an unpopular term at VOSRC. We feel strongly that we cannot advise owners on prognosis without knowing first-hand the outcomes of our treatments. Every patient contributes to our knowledge base and we strongly encourage lifelong follow-up.

Call (610) 692-6272 to speak to a member of the VOSRC team or request an appointment online today.