Worry & Grief Are Natural:
VOSRC Offers Comfort and Help With Coping

People go through a process of grief as a result of many things ranging from moving to the loss of a job to much more serious events such as the death of a family member. Obviously, the loss of a pet can have a major impact. In fact, the loss of a pet is often as devastating as the loss of a friend or family member.

Fortunately, today there is more recognition of this difficult transition and the importance of the human–animal bond. There are many resources available, including support groups, books, and online websites, to assist with the grieving process.

We know this can be a difficult time for individuals and families. We can’t take away the pain and sadness, but we hope knowing all you have done to help will comfort you. We are always ready to talk with you about your loss if needed.

Although each human being and every relationship with an animal is different, there are many elements of grief that are alike. Counselors know that grief is a necessary process, involving emotional, physical, and behavioral experiences. Some people grieve for only a short time. For others, it can be a long and evolving process. In fact, the passing of the seasons can be difficult as you recall past activities with a beloved pet.

Above all, you should recognize just how significant and important the comfort and companionship of a pet can be. That’s why so many people experience grief related to the loss of a pet. Regardless of who you are or how you feel, please know that we truly care. We offer you an opportunity to light a virtual candle on our light a candle page. Their memories will become a permanent part of VOSRC!