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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of a lost pet.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

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194 lit candles

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   For Bailey  ~Lit by~ Kathy, Rich Sunni, Grace, Honey we love you for ever!

   For Reggie   ~Lit by~ Linda, not long enough

   For Toby   ~Lit by~ Linda, Steph

   For Pepper  ~Lit by~ Cindy

   For Sasha  ~Lit by~ Cindy

   For Mindee  ~Lit by~ Cindy

   For Charlotte  ~Lit by~ Julie

   For Charlotte  ~Lit by~ Julie, mommy loves you

   For Gizmo  ~Lit by~ Joanne and Danny

   For Brooke  ~Lit by~ Ron, who knew you could touch my soul so deeply

   For Buckley  ~Lit by~ Lauren, you were my special one

   For Beckett  ~Lit by~ Lauren, you were my soul mate

   For Owen  ~Lit by~ Joanne and Brian

   For Owen  ~Lit by~ Joanne & Brian

   For Lola  ~Lit by~ Rick, Joanne, Stella

   For Bailey  ~Lit by~ Aunt Pam

   For Gabby Doddato   ~Lit by~ Your Mom

   For Kaydean  ~Lit by~ Dad you were my very special dog I will always miss you..

   For Sydney  ~Lit by~ Your human mommy and your sisters, Sierra & Zoey

   For Maxxy  ~Lit by~ Daddy

   For Roxy  ~Lit by~ Daddy

   For Cherry  ~Lit by~ Dawn

   For Guinness  ~Lit by~ Margaret, Ouzo and Cocoa -- we love you so much!!!

   For Kyla Berkey  ~Lit by~ Heather

   For Murphy Berkey  ~Lit by~ Heather

   For Haley  ~Lit by~ Peter

   For Sadie  ~Lit by~ Milo- I miss you Sissy! You were the best big sister!

   For Sadie  ~Lit by~ Daddy misses you so much my little Punkin'.

   For Sadie  ~Lit by~ Much love - Erica, Bella, Sammy and Riley

   For Sadie  ~Lit by~ Lea Ann

   For Sadie  ~Lit by~ with love Gina

   For Sadie  ~Lit by~ Ruby Booby and her Mom and Dad

   For Sadie Herbert  ~Lit by~ Calli Drennen

   For Sadie Herbert  ~Lit by~ xo, Tanya

   For Sadie  ~Lit by~ with love Gina

   For Sadie Herbert  ~Lit by~ Mary Megan

   For Sweet Sadie Herbert  ~Lit by~ The Erbs with love and hugs

   For Sweet Sadie Herbert  ~Lit by~ Todd, Tammy, Saige and Dakota Erb with love and hugs

   For Sadie  ~Lit by~ With love, Ange, Josh and Nic

   For Sadie  ~Lit by~ With Love from...Autumn, Layla and Cali but Lora is our human MOM

   For Sadie   ~Lit by~ Denise Herbert

   For Sadie H.  ~Lit by~ Rob, Denise, and furbrother Milo

   For Tucker  ~Lit by~ Mommy, Daddy, Danny and Steven, we miss you terribly

   For Jasper Connor  ~Lit by~ his father Tim, with love to my best friend

   For Cruiser  ~Lit by~ Joe Soll

   For Buddy  ~Lit by~ Mary D

   For Lacey  ~Lit by~ Donna

   For Shane (GSP) CH. Huntheim's Sienna Wind V LZHRT JH  ~Lit by~ Lj, Dad and Mom we miss you buddy!!

   For Robbin (GSP) Majestik's Daddy's LIL Tumbleweed  ~Lit by~ Lj, Dad and Mom with Love we miss you girl!!

   For Morgan  ~Lit by~ Cheryl & Pam

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