Finding Support When a Pet Has Cancer

A cancer diagnosis for a cherished pet companion can be devastating. It is a time of uncertainty as you walk this journey of diagnosis and treatment with your best friend and knowing what to expect or how to work through your own feelings can be hard.

During these difficult times, support groups can be tremendously beneficial. Pet owners can draw upon the support and compassion of those who have been in or are going through similar circumstances with their pets. Pet support groups can also help to alleviate isolation by connecting you to others who truly understand when dealing while a pet has cancer.


Can Pet Cancer Be Prevented?

Foster dog with new ownerAlthough the mere mention of the word cancer can cause us to respond with trepidation, fear, and heartbreak, pet cancer is a reality for an estimated 12 million dogs and cats diagnosed each year. It is the leading cause of death in pets over the age of 10 years.

Treatment and prognosis vary widely depending on type of cancer and its progression; often speaking generally about cancer prevention is rife with misinformation or over-simplification of these incredibly complex diseases. Continue…