Veterinary Chemotherapy: What to Expect for Your Pet

veterinary chemotherapyChemotherapy is a valuable part of cancer treatment in both pets and people. It also holds a key role in treatment protocols for neoplastic processes of varying types. When we recommend veterinary chemotherapy for a patient at Veterinary Oncology Services and Research Center, we know that it is an integral part of cancer management for that particular patient.

For pet owners, the concept of chemotherapy can be scary. Knowing what to expect for your pet during treatment can help to ease your mind in the months to come.


Say What? Navigating Pet Cancer Terminology

pet cancerLike any field of study or profession, cancer in pets comes with its own set of jargon that might be intimidating to an outside party. Our specialty – oncology – involves the study and treatment of cancer. At Veterinary Oncology Services and Research Center we live in this world day to day, so sometimes we forget that not everyone else does, or know what all the jargon means.

When your pet has cancer, it can be overwhelming enough without having to learn a whole new vocabulary. However, understanding some basic pet cancer terminology can be extremely helpful for pet owners as we navigate this diagnosis as a team.