Cancer in Senior Pets: How to Reduce Symptoms

sick dog holding paw

The dreadful diagnosis of cancer in pets is heartbreaking, and unfortunately, increasingly common–especially in senior pets. As pets age, their risk for chronic disease increases. Cancer is now the leading cause of death in pets. Cancer is not always a death sentence, however, and the earlier the cancer is detected and treated, the better the prognosis. There are conventional oncology treatments for cure or palliation and options for alternative therapies that may help alleviate some symptoms. The overall goal is to allow your senior pet the highest quality of life possible with their cancer diagnosis, which will largely depend on the type of cancer.


Time Is Everything: The Importance of Timing of Cancer Treatment in Pets

pet cancer veterinarian west chesterWhen you first receive a cancer diagnosis in your pet, it might be all you can do just to keep it together. Few people are able to think in a calm, rational manner when receiving such potentially devastating news.

It is important to act quickly when it comes to this disease. The timing of cancer treatment in pets is extremely important, and it often can make an enormous difference when owners act quickly. We know that immediately after receiving a diagnosis, it can be difficult to think. That is where Veterinary Oncology Services and Research Center comes in to help guide you through the options.

The Diagnosis

Almost as soon as your family veterinarian has handed you the diagnosis of cancer, we want you to call us. Our staff are experts in the study and treatment of cancer, and we have all of the knowledge and tools at our disposal to offer the best possible outcome for your pet. Continue…